$48 M Exquisite French Chateau in Beverly Hills

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Located in North Beverly Park, this French Chateau boasts nine bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, and opulent features, including gold-leaf ceilings, antique chandeliers, and a La Cornue stove.

Elysienne recently redesigned the 16,225 sq ft estate, offering timeless elegance with modern amenities, creating a prestigious haven on 2 acres.

A cobblestone driveway meanders through lush, manicured gardens, leading to the grand entrance of this opulent estate,exuding classic elegance and luxury.

Tall, arched windows adorned with intricate ironwork and surrounded by lush ivy set the stage for this estate’s charming entrance, complete with a gracefully bubbling fountain.

The sprawling back facade overlooks a pristine lawn, revealing the estate’s vastness and the harmonious blend of nature with Mediterranean-inspired architecture.

Reflections dance on the surface of the crystal-clear pool, mirroring the stately home and greenery, creating a serene oasis for relaxation and leisure.

A secluded area on the estate’s grounds offers a quiet nook, framed by mature trees, perfect for intimate gatherings or moments of solitude.

The classical pavilion stands as a testament to the estate’s elegance, overlooking the private tennis court, and offering a shaded retreat for spectators and players alike.

Perched elegantly beside the tennis court, the ornate viewing pavilion, with its detailed railings and terracotta-tiled roof, offers a picturesque retreat amid verdant gardens.

The garden patio, surrounded by climbing ivy and sculpted hedges, hosts an elaborate white seating arrangement, inviting one to indulge in nature’s embrace.

A picturesque open-air dining space, accented with antique-style furniture, serves as a perfect spot for garden parties and refined outdoor meals.

Sunlight pours into a bright and airy kitchen where modern amenities meet rustic charm, highlighting an inviting space for culinary adventures and family gatherings.

The formal dining room exudes grace with its soft hues, gilded chairs, and grand chandelier, reflecting a bygone era of refined entertainment and elegance.

A plush living room radiates elegance with its towering chandelier, pristine white sofas, and a classic fireplace, embodying a modern yet timeless sophistication.

The grand staircase sweeps upward in a display of opulence, adorned with artwork and a wrought-iron balustrade, hinting at the treasures that lie above.

An intimate glimpse into the family’s life is offered through a collection of photos, leading into a dining area that promises shared moments and gastronomic delight.

The living area opens up to the estate’s lush backdrop, with expansive windows drawing in the landscape, making nature an integral part of the home’s decor.

Opulent drapery frames the view from the elegant living space, where a crystal chandelier illuminates the path to the tranquil garden and gazebo beyond.

A sleek home office boasts a large abstract painting as its centerpiece, with a transparent desk and plush seating, merging functionality with artistic flair.

This opulent lounge space features a baroque ceiling, a grand chandelier, and plush seating, all surrounded by tranquil garden views.

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of luxury, featuring a canopy bed with delicate drapery, opulent furniture, and a touch of greenery for tranquility.

In a corner dedicated to relaxation, a plush armchair and tufted ottoman sit by large windows, offering a peaceful spot for relaxation or reading.

Adorned with classic landscape art and sumptuous textiles, the bedroom’s spacious interior exudes a tone of nobility and comfort, providing a lavish retreat from the ordinary.

The bathrooms combine luxury and artistry to create an indulgent spa-like ambiance.

A vanity adorned with a regal golden mirror and a collage of Parisian architecture reflects a blend of old-world luxury and cosmopolitan chic.

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