A Giant Lazy River Connects These 300 Villas: Amazing!

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Sophia Chen

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Sophia Chen

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In a unique neighborhood in China’s Guangdong province, an immense swimming pool connects nearly 300 villas, creating a striking and unconventional community layout.

As if taken from a dream, this extraordinary architectural marvel promises a serene and idyllic escape, where residents can unwind and bask in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

This extensive, canal-like pool weaves through the Yuetianxia Hot Spring Hotel, a resort offering a serene escape far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Nestled amidst mountains, hot springs, rivers, and forest farms, this resort is a hidden gem.

The surrounding natural beauty is just as breathtaking as the resort itself, which boasts luxurious five-star villas.

Each villa not only has a balcony with views of the vast, meandering pool but also offers direct access to it.

Residents and guests can either swim across or use a gondola to navigate to various resort amenities like restaurants and spas.

Despite their beauty, these resorts have received mixed reactions online.

Some social media users expressed concerns over hygiene and the challenge of maintaining such large pools.

For instance, one commenter humorously remarked about the likelihood of people urinating in the pool.

Another highlighted the daunting task of keeping the pool clean.

However, not all feedback was negative.

Some defended the resorts, pointing out the irony of criticizing these clear blue waters when many swim in less pristine conditions elsewhere.

One individual noted that the fear of uncleanliness is overblown, especially considering the effectiveness of pool chemicals in maintaining hygiene.

Another simply appreciated the picturesque quality of the resorts, urging others to enjoy the beauty rather than finding faults.

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