LA Clippers’ Point Guard Russell Westbrook’s Former $25M Home in Los Angeles, CA

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Front of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home

Russell Westbrook, renowned for his achievements in the NBA, once owned a magnificent mansion in Brentwood Park, marking a notable chapter in his life off the court.

Westbrook’s Million-Dollar Purchase

In 2018, while still playing for the Thunder, Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina Earl invested in a luxurious 13,425 square-foot mansion in the affluent Brentwood Park, which cost $19.8 million.

This newly built property, previously owned by Australian actor Anthony LaPaglia known for his role in “Without a Trace,” marked a significant chapter in their lives.

Spanning nearly half an acre, the modern traditional home features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and exquisite living spaces adorned with designer finishes.

Highlights include a large kitchen with imported marble slabs and a Five Star primary suite with a vaulted wood-paneled ceiling, making it a true symbol of their success.

A Coveted Celebrity Enclave

Westbrook’s estate is nestled in the exclusive Brentwood Park, a celebrity enclave just a few streets from one of LeBron James’ mansions.

This prestigious neighborhood is also home to notable figures like Judd Apatow and Al Michaels, adding to its allure as a haven for the famous.

Photos of the Mansion

Featuring a stunning view of the modern home, the backyard boasts a spacious and well-manicured lawn perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Rear View of Russell Westbrook's  Former Los Angeles Home

The side view of the home showcases an elegant facade with a three-car garage and a neat, well-designed driveway ideal for modern cars.

Driveway of Russell Westbrook's Los Angeles Home

This swimming pool area with pristine waters, a sleek comfortable lounge, and a backdrop of lush greenery boasts a luxurious and delightful retreat.

Pool of Russell Westbrook's Los Angeles Home

The view of the pool highlights its expansive size and the home’s beautiful backyard which is well-maintained and ideal for relaxation.

Pool of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home

Displaying a beautiful outdoor lounge with modern furniture and warm lighting, the rear of the house is well-suited for evening events.

Rear of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home

A spacious backyard with a well-maintained lawn features a playground with a blue slide, set against the backdrop of this modern two-story home.

Playground of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home

This area has a stylish fireplace, ample cozy seating, and a large dining table that looks perfect for cozy and entertaining outdoor gatherings.

Dining Area of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home

An aerial view reveals the beauty of the home’s impressive size, expansive outdoor space, and its beautiful serene surroundings with a backdrop of a mountain range.

Aerial View of Russell Westbrook's Former Los Angeles Home
Aerial View of Russell Westbrook's Los Angeles Home

The dramatic well-furnished living room features a striking wood-paneled ceiling with recessed lighting , built-in bookshelves and decorative items which provides perfect ambience for social gatherings.

Living Room in Russell Westbrook's Los Angeles Home

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