Rick Ross’s Grand Georgia Mansion with 109 Rooms Spread in 44,000 Sq. Ft.

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Discover the grandeur of Rick Ross’s Georgia mansion, a 44,000-square-foot marvel with 109 rooms, situated on over 100 acres at 794 Evander Holyfield Highway in Fayetteville.

This $5.8 million estate boasts a fusion of historical significance and contemporary luxury.

Captured from above, the estate’s star-like design showcases its grand scale and the symmetry of its beautiful gardens and parked luxury vehicles.

The lake mirrors the clear skies, providing a picturesque setting for peaceful reflection amidst the vast grounds.

A tranquil, expansive pool, bordered by a stately colonnade, offers a peaceful and private outdoor sanctuary for leisure and entertainment.

The mansion’s imposing front is a spectacle of white grandeur, commanding attention with its classical architecture and nestled in a haven of privacy.

Overlooking the expansive outdoor pool, the view reveals landscaped edges and a pavilion, symbolizing the estate’s blend of leisure and elegance.

The grand mansion stands regally behind a vast, inviting swimming pool, flaunting its stately architecture and luxurious outdoor space.

In the interior, a grand double staircase reveals itself, ascending from a marble-floored foyer adorned with ornate details that pledge opulence on every level.

Light cascades into the mansion’s spacious hall, where high arched ceilings and polished wood floors reflect the home’s capacity for grand events.

A golden dome crowns the interior of the mansion, radiating warmth and grandeur, reminiscent of the most opulent estates from history.

The drawing room welcomes you with polished wood floors, a classic fireplace, and a ceiling graced with geometric moldings, creating a spacious and elegant atmosphere.

Glimpses of opulence are visible through an elegantly framed doorway, leading the eye to the magnificent double staircase in the background.

Overlooking the estate, the balcony offers a curved vantage point with ornate railings and a spacious, marbled floor area, perfect for evening receptions.

With modern appliances, ample cabinetry, and a central island, this chef’s kitchen stands ready to cater to every culinary need.

The black pillars of an indoor water feature create a striking contrast against the checkered floor, reflecting the mansion’s grand sense of style.

An indoor swimming pool, flanked by classical columns, offers a luxurious lap of tranquility with its calm, reflective waters.

Ready for fun and games, this private bowling alley with vibrant wall accents promises endless entertainment for guests and residents alike.

The grand staircase in the guest home, draped with a red carpet, sweeps elegantly towards the bright dome, inviting visitors into the heart of the mansion.

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