Tampa Home’s Pool is a Thrilling Aquatic Wonderland

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Lucas Lagoons transforms a Tampa backyard into an exhilarating escape, blending two unique pools into a single aquatic masterpiece.

Their latest creation features a towering nine-foot spa, dual in-pool pergolas, a fire-filled grotto, and a treehouse with a slide that rivals theme park thrills.

Dive into Tampa, Florida’s most epic backyard pool, where a towering rock waterfall and cozy in-pool pergolas await to refresh you.

The elevated spa merges serene water with the sky, offering a nine-foot-high retreat for tranquil relaxation.

Rustic pergolas stretch over the adrenaline-filled pool, inviting you for a thrilling swim.

Lush landscapes reflect in the still water as you indulge by the poolside under the natural wooden pergola.

Warm camaraderie fills the evening air in the sunken fire lounge amidst the traditional pool’s elegant waters.

Adventure calls as you step up the rugged stone staircase leading to the wild side of this backyard paradise.

The shaded comfort of the pergola soothes your soul with the sound of water and the view of an opulent estate.

Beneath the stone archway, discover a secluded grotto where water flows into hidden depths.

Embraced by the grotto, the fire’s glow flickers, casting dancing flames above the serene pool’s surface.

A cascading waterfall and mesmerizing fire feature set the stage for this backyard fantasy within a lush, landscaped garden.

Two distinct pools, connected by a snaking slide, promise endless fun in this backyard wonderland.

From the bird’ s-eye view of this estate, a Roman-shaped pool gives way to a wild, natural lagoon.

In the outdoor kitchen, modern appliances against rustic stone walls make for a perfect feast-cooking spot.

Views of treetops and sky frame the whimsical treehouse, where new heights and circular windows await.

Exploration and adventure stir in the treehouse’s underbelly, crafted for kids’ imagination.

The ‘Turn back’ sign by the pool invites you to share tales of your backyard escapades.

The Lucas Lagoons symbol, etched into the natural stone, reflects the meticulous artistry inherent in each of their bespoke creations.

Escape to a secluded treehouse for a world of adventure, set above the crafted lush landscape.

Ascend to the lofty treehouse for a leafy retreat and a panoramic view of the oasis below.

The slide perched on the edge launches you into a thrilling dive into refreshing waters.

Relax in the serene pool, nestled in natural stone, a tranquil Lucas Lagoons creation.

From this vantage point, the thrill of the pool with its winding waterslide promises fun for the whole family.

The intricate stone water features and cascading falls orchestrate a symphony of water and wonder in the backyard.

Lucas Lagoons

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