Tennis Champion Carlos Alcaraz’s Prefab Home at Equelite Academy, Villena

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Carlos Alcaraz's Equelite Academy Home

Carlos Alcaraz, the world’s No. 1 tennis player in men’s singles, has captivated fans with his extraordinary talent and rapid ascent in the tennis world.

Born in Spain, Alcaraz began training under the tutelage of former world No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero in 2018.

With Ferrero’s guidance, Alcaraz’s career has skyrocketed, culminating in his current top ranking.

The young prodigy made a significant move in 2019 to the Equelite Tennis Academy in Villena, Spain, where he has found the perfect environment to hone his skills and continue his journey to tennis greatness.

Equelite Tennis Academy – A Hub for Excellence

The Equelite Tennis Academy boasts 20 courts, including 10 clay courts, 9 hard courts, and one indoor court, making it an ideal training ground for professional players.

Beyond tennis, the academy offers facilities for paddle tennis and beach tennis.

Other amenities include a well-equipped gym, a restaurant, swimming pools, and a players’ lounge with a pool table and video game section.

Surrounded by lush plantations, the academy provides a serene and focused environment for its residents.

Training and Community Support

The academy’s comprehensive training program includes fitness coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists, ensuring that players receive personalized support and guidance.

This academy is also known for its family-like atmosphere, where players and staff live and learn together, fostering a strong sense of community and support.

Expansion and Future Plans

Equelite Academy is set to expand by approximately 15,000 square meters to accommodate the growing demand for training and education.

The planned expansion includes more tennis and paddle courts and enhanced school and gym facilities.

There are also proposals to establish a new location nearby, leveraging the popularity of the academy and its star players like Alcaraz.

Aerial view of Equelite Academy, Villena

A Legacy of Champions

The academy has a rich history of developing top-ranked players.

Notable alumni include Juan Carlos Ferrero, Pablo Carreño Busta, and, of course, Carlos Alcaraz.

Players such as Maria Sharapova have used the academy as a base for their preparations, and current trainees include promising talents like Emilio Nava.

A Glimpse Into His Residence

Carlos Alcaraz resides in a 90-square-meter prefabricated house at the Equelite Tennis Academy, once occupied by his coach, Ferrero, during his reign as world No. 1 in 2003.

Despite its modest size, this significant abode offers a single bedroom and essential amenities.

However, its true appeal lies in providing direct access to the academy’s state-of-the-art facilities, including fitness gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, study rooms, and extensive tennis courts.

Alcaraz’s residence exemplifies Equelite Tennis Academy’s dedication to fostering a supportive and high-performance environment for its players.

With world-class facilities, personalized training programs, and a strong community ethos, Equelite has established itself as a breeding ground for champions, with Alcaraz standing as its most illustrious example.

The swimming pool area includes a pristine pool, neatly arranged cabanas, and a ping pong table, offering a well-maintained and recreational space for relaxation.

Pool in Equelite Academy, Villena

This bedroom features twin beds with beige floral bedspreads, cozy white armchairs, and a tiled floor, creating a comfortable and inviting space with wall-mounted reading lights.

Bedroom in Carlos Alcaraz's Equelite Academy Home

The cozy lounge area, bathed in natural light, features wicker chairs, and colorful poufs with large windows overlooking the scenic outdoor landscape, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Lounge Area in Equelite Academy, Villena

A bedroom features soft salmon pink bedspreads on twin beds with simple wooden furniture, a picture frame, and a bedside lamp, adding a cozy and charming feel.

Bedroom in Carlos Alcaraz's Equelite Academy Home

Another bedroom showcases a rustic wooden ceiling, large windows, and white armchairs, creating a harmonious and inviting environment.

Bedroom in Carlos Alcaraz's Equelite Academy Home

The compact bathroom features a wooden door, a simple vanity with a sink, a mirror, and neatly arranged towels, providing a warm and functional space with natural wood elements.

Bathroom in Carlos Alcaraz's Equelite Academy Home

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