The Iconic Beverly Hills Estate from “The Godfather” ($63M)

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Spanning over 3.5 acres in the heart of Beverly Hills, the historic Beverly Estate offers a glimpse into a bygone era of opulence with its 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and grand living spaces across a palatial 29,000 square feet of living area.

As evening falls, the house glows warmly, inviting you into a world where classic architecture meets lush gardens.

From the sky, the Beverly Estate’s vast layout is a testament to luxury living, with its perfect symmetry and expansive gardens framing an elegant, elongated pool.

Gracefully adorned with ornate gates, the entrance to the estate hints at the exclusivity and grandeur that lie beyond the leafy, private drive.

The side approach to the Beverly Estate reveals a meticulous landscape, where palm trees and manicured topiaries accentuate the timeless beauty of the terracotta-hued walls.

At the heart of the Beverly Estate lies a tranquil fountain, serenaded by the gentle spray of water and surrounded by vibrant blooms that offer a colorful welcome.

The spacious terrace serves as an open-air parlor, perfect for leisurely afternoons, with the soothing sounds of a central fountain setting a peaceful tone against the backdrop of the estate.

As twilight descends, the Beverly Estate’s pool area becomes an oasis of calm, reflecting the sky’s changing hues and the estate’s illustrious past.

The front courtyard is a masterpiece of design, where the geometry of the hedges and fountains plays against the soft evening light, offering a taste of the opulence that defines the Beverly Estate.

Inside Beverly Hills Estate

Step through the ornate wooden doors and be welcomed by a hallway that whispers tales of old Hollywood glamour, its elaborate ceiling a tribute to the estate’s storied past.

This corridor in the Beverly Estate is a gallery of elegance, with its long, inviting runner leading guests through a showcase of fine art and exquisite furnishings.

The grand living room is a page from history, where plush sofas invite intimate conversations beneath a ceiling that rivals the great halls of European castles.

Imagine settling down with a good book in this historic two-story library, its walls a testament to the grandeur of the golden age, and a fireplace that has warmed the hearts of Hollywood’s elite.

This spacious wood-paneled room serves as a testament to craftsmanship, with an upper gallery that hints at the wealth of stories shared within its walls.

The billiards room is a vibrant splash of red, with a fireplace and intricately carved ceiling that adds a touch of stately elegance to friendly competition.

Sunlight streams through tall windows in this cozy lounge, where comfortable seating and rich wooden paneling create a perfect setting for afternoon tea or a casual business meeting.

The dining room is a masterpiece of mirrors and chandeliers, a place where dinners become grand events, and every meal feels like a celebration in a hall of reflections.

Step into the Beverly Estate’s private nightclub, an art-deco gem that sparkles with mirrored elegance and the promise of unforgettable evenings.

Adorned with eclectic art pieces, this passage leads you through the estate, with gentle lighting to guide your way, creating a serene atmosphere.

Walk the grand runner of this stately corridor, flanked by unique sculptures and paintings, a gallery-like tribute to the estate’s artistic legacy.

Dining al fresco takes a luxurious turn in this airy space, where the ceiling’s rich detail and open columns offer panoramic views of the estate’s lush surroundings.

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