“The Oak Ridge Boys” Singer William Lee Golden’s Home in Hendersonville, TN

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Front Yard in William Lee Golden's TN Home

William Lee Golden’s home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, stands as a testament to both his storied career with the Oak Ridge Boys and the rich history of the region.

Known as “Pilot’s Knob,” this Federal-style structure is the oldest brick home in Tennessee, built-in 1786 by Revolutionary War Captain James Franklin.

Awarded the property for his military service, Captain Franklin constructed this stately home on a military outpost.

The legacy of the Franklin family endures, with their graves resting just beyond the property’s boundary.

Civil War Legacy and Golden’s Discovery

During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers used the plantation as a station camp.

As Union forces approached, the occupants buried their gold and silver before fleeing.

Extensive renovations in 1976 led to the discovery of over $12,000 in pre-Civil War gold coins in the basement.

Four years later, William Lee Golden acquired the property and pledged to restore its historic grandeur.

True to his word, Golden has meticulously maintained the home, preserving its original architecture while incorporating modern updates.

Restoration and Resilience

The Golden Era Plantation has faced challenges, including two tornado strikes.

A category 4 tornado in 2006 caused significant damage, prompting extensive rebuilding efforts.

James Wallace of Wallace Custom Builders led the restoration, sourcing bricks of the same age and likeness to ensure historical accuracy.

Today, the home boasts a blend of modern amenities and faithful preservation, creating a peaceful retreat that encourages relaxation and creativity.

A Stunning Southern Manor

Golden’s $1.7 million home is a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom Southern manor with massive columns, brick walkways, and formal steps leading to an oversized foyer.

Impressive staircases, a modernized kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and a large parlor with a grand piano are some of the features of this 8,262-square-foot home.

Additionally, an iron spiral staircase off the kitchen provides access to other floors, enhancing the manor’s historic charm.

Outside, meticulously maintained grounds include a large patio with a fireplace, fenced gardens, and a guest house. Situated on 6.664 acres, the historic home offers privacy with a double iron gate and a long driveway.

William Lee Golden describes his home as a “peaceful place” that fosters relaxation and creativity.

This historic treasure, lovingly maintained and updated, stands as a testament to Golden’s dedication to preserving both his heritage and the rich history of Tennessee.

A Visual Tour of William Lee Golden’s Home

The gated entrance provides a grand and secure welcome, flanked by sturdy stone pillars and shaded by towering trees.

Entrance to William Lee Golden's TN Estate

A well-maintained driveway curves gracefully through the expansive, green lawn, leading visitors toward the estate’s main entrance.

Driveway to William Lee Golden's TN Residence

The inviting front porch, with its classical pillars and cozy seating area, offers a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying the tranquil surroundings.

Front Porch at William Lee Golden's TN Home

An elegant two-story structure with green shutters and a front door adorned with a decorative star showcases timeless architectural charm.

Two-Story Structure in William Lee Golden's TN Home

The view from the porch features a wide, open landscape dotted with mature trees, providing a serene and picturesque backdrop.

Porch View in William Lee Golden's TN Home
Porch View in William Lee Golden's TN Home

Extensive lawns surround the property, offering ample space for outdoor activities and strolls in a peaceful setting.

Lawns Around William Lee Golden's TN Home

The well-tended flower beds along the pathway add a burst of color, enhancing the home’s curb appeal and welcoming atmosphere.

Flower Beds at William Lee Golden's TN Home

A spacious, manicured garden area features fenced sections, ideal for gardening enthusiasts to cultivate their favorite plants and vegetables.

Garden Area in William Lee Golden's TN Property

An aerial view reveals the estate’s expansive layout, featuring bright orange buildings and lush greenery, which create a picturesque and serene environment.

Aerial View of Golden's TN Estate

The elegant wooden staircase, with its white railings and polished steps, offers a grand entrance to the upper levels of the home.

Staircase in William Lee Golden's TN Home

Exposed brick walls and a modern spiral staircase add a unique architectural charm and contemporary touch to the home’s interior.

Staircase in William Lee Golden's TN Home

A cozy basement living area features a rustic brick fireplace, soft lighting, and comfortable seating, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Living Area in Golden's TN Home

The spacious living room boasts a vibrant green wall, built-in bookshelves, and a striking antler chandelier that enhances its rustic elegance.

Living Room in William Lee Golden's TN Home

Natural light floods the piano room, highlighting the beautiful hardwood floors and creating an ideal space for musical inspiration and relaxation.

Piano Room in William Lee Golden's TN Home

A grand piano sits prominently in the room, accompanied by large windows that offer lovely views of the surrounding landscape.

Piano Room in William Lee Golden's TN Home

The kitchen features rich wooden cabinetry, a large central island, and a classic brick fireplace, blending functionality with historic charm.

Kitchen in William Lee Golden's TN Home

Elegant light fixtures illuminate the kitchen, highlighting the high-quality finishes and spacious layout that make it perfect for culinary activities.

Kitchen in William Lee Golden's TN Home

The secondary kitchen area, with its pristine white cabinets and exposed wooden beams, provides a charming and functional space for meal preparation.

Kitchen in William Lee Golden's TN Home

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