Tiger Woods’s $54 Million Mansion with Golf Course on Jupiter Island, Florida

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Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island mansion in Florida is a stunning showcase of luxury and privacy, valued at $54 million.

This exquisite property features a 3,300-square-foot living quarter and a 6,400-square-foot multipurpose building, connected by a glass walkway, all set against the backdrop of lush greenery and the Atlantic Ocean.

The aerial view showcases a modern sanctuary that blends seamlessly with Florida’s coastal landscape, offering a private beach and a sprawling golf course right in the backyard, complete with a mooring dock for luxury vessels.

Immerse yourself in this golfer’s paradise, where perfectly manicured greens meet the comfort of a contemporary estate, reflecting the exclusivity of one of Florida’s most private neighborhoods.

Another aerial view captures this luxurious estate, complete with its own golf course, nestled between lush greenery and the serene waters of a Florida coastline.

Step inside the spacious living room where natural light floods in, highlighting the unique, modern furnishings and the seamless integration of indoor luxury with the surrounding tropical beauty.

A spacious lounge room with rustic log walls features a cozy modern fireplace and opens seamlessly into a sleek, white kitchenette area, creating an inviting and elegant space.

The grandeur of Tiger’s residence is on full display in this open-plan interior, with its high ceilings and an overlooking balcony that connects the different levels of this luxurious home.

Unwind in this charming space that combines a rustic fireplace with chic, modern decor, creating a perfect blend for relaxation after a day on the private golf course.

Indulge in the comfort and style of this expansive sitting area, where contemporary art and plush seating create an inviting atmosphere for entertainment and leisure.

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