$3.5 Million Flintstone House of Dick Clark in Malibu

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Set on about 23 acres of Malibu’s hillsides, television legend Dick Clark’s distinctive home marries Flintstone charm with modern luxury.

It boasts one bedroom, two bathrooms, and sweeping views from verdant hills to the tranquil blue Pacific.

As twilight descends, the property’s exterior glows warmly, inviting you to enjoy the enchanting night sky.

Witness the spectacular canvas of sunset colors over the ocean, painting a different masterpiece each evening.

Gaze across the undulating terrain towards towering mountain ranges, a view that changes with the passing light.

A closer look at the home’s exterior reveals its harmonious blend with the surrounding flora, a true retreat into nature.

As dusk falls, the view from the property is a breathtaking sight, with the mountains meeting the sky in a tranquil display.

Interior Photos

A grand window frames the plush living area, inviting panoramic views of the Malibu coastline inside.

Gather around the whimsical, stone-carved table, perfect for intimate dinners with a view through the charmingly irregular windows.

Culinary adventures await in the quirky kitchen, featuring curvaceous counters with a backdrop of the serene Malibu hills.

The tranquil living area, seamlessly blending into the inviting bedroom, is adorned with a captivating Flintstone partition that flawlessly combines modern comfort with primitive allure.

Experience comfort in the spacious and soft-hued master bedroom, where the unique architecture creates a cave-like sanctuary.

Indulge in the luxury of a bath with a view, where the window frames the rolling hills and verdant landscape.

This bathroom’s smooth, curvaceous design mirrors the organic forms of nature, featuring quirky windows that let in an abundance of light.

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