Ellen DeGeneres Roman Themed Montecito Estate for $46.5 Million

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Nestled within the lush landscapes of Montecito, Ellen DeGeneres’ newly renovated estate, known as Pompeiian Court, is now on the market for $46.5 million.

Spanning 11,530 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, this majestic Montecito estate offers unmatched grandeur and a rare chance to partake in its storied past.

As evening falls, the Pompeiian Court estate welcomes you with a warm glow against the backdrop of Montecito’s serene mountains.

The gated entrance of this 8-acre property promises a blend of privacy and elegance, leading to a world of luxury within.

A pair of winged statues flank a classic fountain in a serene courtyard, with a path that leads directly to the sprawling residence.

Elegant outdoor seating arrangements grace the expansive patio, offering a serene relaxation spot with views of the lush gardens and classical statuary.

A stone path leads to a sunken octagonal fountain surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges and towering trees.

Revel in the grandeur of Pompeiian Court’s heart, where a fountain and koi pond centerpiece anchor the breathtaking symmetry of this 8-acre estate.

Secluded by lush greenery, this outdoor dining space is a casual retreat for meals amidst the natural beauty of Montecito.

Enjoy intimate evenings on the patio under the canopy of an ancient tree, with the tranquil sounds of nature surrounding you.

The pool extends along a verdant backdrop, with an inviting lounge area that beckons for sun-soaked relaxation or moonlit dips.

An elegant garden pathway leads to a classical fountain centered amidst lush greenery and statuary.

A private tennis court nestled within a forested area offers a secluded space for sport and leisure.

An inviting outdoor lounge area nestles among lush greenery, featuring plush seating and a stone table, creating an inviting space for relaxation.

The elegant garden path leads to a sculpted fountain, framed by manicured hedges and classical balustrades, under the tranquil twilight sky.

This palatial courtyard with classical columns, an outdoor fireplace, and elegant seating arrangements, is perfect for evening entertainment.

Bask in the sophisticated comfort of the spacious living room, where a grand chandelier and fireplace set the stage for refined relaxation.

A picture-perfect view from the other side of the living room frames the estate’s manicured gardens, inviting the outside in.

Culinary enthusiasts will delight in the state-of-the-art kitchen, boasting modern appliances and a rustic island for a perfect blend of form and function.

This inviting sitting room, with its classic fireplace and open archways, seamlessly combines cozy charm with a touch of elegance.

Gather around the stately dining table, set beneath a striking light fixture and a fireplace, for memorable feasts.

Serenity awaits in this bedroom, where a minimalist fireplace and soothing neutral tones create a peaceful haven for rest.

A stark black table centers beneath archways in a minimalist bathroom area, where a framed photograph stands as the focal point against the white walls.

Softly lit corners cradle a modern, freestanding bathtub in this bathroom space, with towels hanging neatly against the white walls of the bathroom.

This charming balcony, framed by classic arches and lush foliage, offers a serene spot to enjoy the Montecito landscape.

The simplicity of this elegant room with a daybed and fireplace invites moments of peaceful reflection or intimate conversation.

A bright and airy study with traditional wood accents and beautiful views provides an inspiring space for creativity and productivity.

Peek through the doorway to a sunlit patio, promising a perfect blend of shade and warmth for leisurely days.

This secluded spa-like bathroom with a skylight and circular architecture creates a sanctuary for rejuvenation.

A cozy sitting room with a rustic wooden table, leather chairs, and a skylight illuminates the warm interior.

The kitchen boasts contemporary dark cabinetry and a central island, accompanied by a dining space furnished with a lengthy wooden table.

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