Real-Life Simpsons House in Nevada: Living in a Cartoon

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Nestled in the vibrant community of Henderson, NV, the single-family residence offers 2,182 sqft of living space with 4 cozy bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, all built around the comfort of forced air heating and central cooling.

This 1997-built home features a conveniently attached garage and sits on a 5,662 sqft lot, presenting a perfect blend of space and functionality.

Gaze upon the vibrant two-story home, featuring a whimsical orange garage door and a charming red picket fence replicating like in The Simpsons.

This sun-kissed Henderson gem boasts a spacious lawn, with a winding white pathway leading up to a cheerful blue-trimmed entrance.

Marvel at the expansive backyard, bordered by a pristine white fence, providing the perfect canvas for your outdoor sanctuary.

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The front view of this delightful abode highlights the playful architecture and welcoming windows that beckon you inside.

Matt Groening’s signature etched-in cement adds a unique touch of character, commemorating the creative spirit of the property.

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After the fanfare, the house now dons a tasteful taupe palette, blending seamlessly into the tranquility of its suburban surroundings.

YouTube | The Simpsons Theory

Within its neutral tones, this house stands as a testament to its distinctive heritage, subtly acknowledging its colorful past as the real-life Simpsons House for the observant eye.

YouTube | The Simpsons Theory

Step inside to a world of color with the vivid red and blue staircase, complemented by framed character portraits adorning the walls.

Peek into a playful bedroom bathed in light, where toys and vibrant colors come alive amidst a backdrop of sunlit windows and cheerful decor.

Delight in a pink-walled nursery where golden sunlight streams through yellow curtains, casting a warm glow over the wooden crib and colorful accents.

A peek into the kitchen through a charming archway reveals checkered blue and white flooring and a vintage aesthetic reminiscent of the beloved Simpson family home.

Discover culinary charm in a kitchen alive with pastel cabinetry and checkered floors, where every meal promises to be an adventure.

Lounge in a living room where eclectic colors meet comfort, featuring a plush sofa and vibrant artwork, creating a space that’s both inviting and imaginative.

A whimsical vanity area awaits, with a large oval mirror and pops of pink, offering the perfect spot for daydreams and dress-ups.

Rest easy in a bedroom where warm red hues and soft lighting create a cozy retreat, complete with a snug bed and whimsical wall art.

Enter a realm of creativity and fun in a bedroom where bold colors and inventive storage solutions spark imagination and play.

Bart’s desk corner, alive with spirited green walls and a bold red desk, features playful accents that mirror his animated bedroom in the show.

The warm red tones of the living room, complete with a framed family portrait above the mantel, capture the essence of the Simpson’s cozy fireside gatherings.

Step into a retro dining nook featuring a checkerboard floor and iconic red chairs, echoing the quirky charm of the Simpson’s eat-in kitchen.

Lisa’s room, painted in soothing pinks and adorned with creative shelving, embodies her character’s vibrant personality as seen in the show.

Maggie’s high chair, a staple of the Simpson’s kitchen, stands out with its soft pastel colors and whimsical design, inviting memories of the series’ many family meals.

A splash of humor is present in the bathroom, where colorful accessories and a playful atmosphere are reminiscent of the family’s own lighthearted home life.

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