Arizona’s Largest Home: The $16 Million Walker McCune Mansion

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The $16 Million Walker McCune Mansion

The McCune Mansion, nestled in the heart of Paradise Valley, showcases Arizona’s architectural grandeur with its sprawling six-acre estate and panoramic views of Camelback Mountain and the Phoenix skyline.

At 52,000 square feet, the Walker McCune mansion is the largest single-family residence in Arizona.

Take a tour of this grand mansion with us.

Overlooking lush greenery and Arizona’s clear skies, 6112 North Paradise View Drive reveals this sprawling estate with a unique footprint from above.

Walker Mccune Mansion:Aerial View

Camelback Mountain and the Praying Monk, set against vibrant red bougainvillea, provide a stunning backdrop to the estate.

Camelback Mountain

Towering palms and timeless Arizona stonework frame the stately entrance to the McCune Mansion, leading into the splendor of the $16 million estate.

Walker Mccune Mansion:Entrance

Impressive stonework and a circular driveway mark the grand entrance of the McCune Mansion, hinting at the opulence that lies within.

Walker McCune Mansion:Circular Driveway

A bird’s-eye view uncovers the impressive scale of the McCune Mansion and the multi-million dollar retaining wall that secures its luxurious grounds.

Walker McCune Mansion:A Bird's Eye View

From this hilltop haven, expansive views of Phoenix mesmerize as city lights twinkle at dusk and the vast Arizona sky stretches into the distance.

Expansive Views of Phoenix

The rugged landscape harmoniously blends with the estate’s architecture, offering serene mountain views from its terraced grounds.

Rugged Landscape

Generous windows and balconies enable the mansion to capture picturesque scenes of the surrounding Paradise Valley.

Walker McCune Mansion:Balcony

Spacious design and clear views framed by mature trees stand as a testament to the luxury of the McCune Mansion.

Walker McCune Mansion:Exterior View

Ancient trees shade the estate grounds, providing a tranquil spot to gaze upon the undulating hills of Paradise Valley.

Walker McCune Mansion:Trees

The Olympic-sized pool, framed by the iconic Camelback Mountain, dives into luxury within the grand estate.

Walker McCune Mansion:Pool

Lined with tall palms, the estate’s spacious poolside serves as an oasis for relaxation and entertainment under the Arizona sun.

Walker McCune Mansion:Pool

A picturesque spot on the upper terrace offers the perfect setting to enjoy a morning coffee with sweeping views of the Valley’s lush landscape.

Walker McCune Mansion:Terrace

Sunsets turn into a spectacle from this vantage point, overlooking the cityscape against the backdrop of distant mountains.

Walker McCune Mansion:Terrace

Evening light accentuates the mansion’s grandeur, with tall palm trees standing as sentinels to its timeless elegance.

Walker McCune Mansion:Exterior

Complete with a palatial façade and palm-studded surroundings, the estate’s grand architecture invites you into a world of opulence.

Walker McCune Mansion:Front View

A lush green lawn turns the mansion’s playground into a paradise for the young and young at heart, completing this family-friendly luxury estate.

Walker McCune Mansion:Play Area

Gleaming herringbone wood floors and a cozy fireplace welcome you into the ballroom’s expansive space, ready for grand entertaining or quiet evenings.

Walker McCune Mansion:Ball Room

Plush carpeting and uniquely patterned ceiling fill this voluminous room, offering endless potential for a personalized entertainment hub or tranquil lounge area.

Walker McCune Mansion:Entertainment Hub

The mansion’s bathroom indulges with a large central tub surrounded by mirrors, reflecting the opulence of the McCune estate.

Walker McCune Mansion:Bathroom

Ample countertops and storage in the mansion’s expansive kitchen cater to culinary excellence, ready for creating gastronomic delights.

Walker McCune Mansion:Kitchen

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Realtor: Julie Rohr and Libby Cohen of Retsy

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