$42M Palm Desert Mansion with Spectacular View of the Desert

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Atop the BIGHORN Golf Club’s rugged terrain, 706 Summit Cove presents a spectacle of architectural splendor valued at $42 million.

This estate unfolds across 20,667 square feet, featuring 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, each providing vistas of the undulating desert landscape.

Crafted by the acclaimed Guy Dreier, the residence is a symbiosis of nature and design, celebrated as the Robb Report’s Ultimate Home of the Year.

As night descends on this estate, it casts a warm glow over its innovative architecture and reflecting pools, set against the rugged mountain terrain.

The home’s grandeur is evident from the sky, where its sprawling design integrates seamlessly with the desert, and striking blue pools steal the show.

Curvilinear stone walls encase shimmering blue pools that reflect the estate’s modern architecture against a backdrop of mountains.

Perched high on the desert hillside, the estate’s sprawling compound basks in the arid beauty, with luxurious pools cutting through like azure veins.

Infinity pools stretch towards the horizon, mirroring the sky as they border the home’s striking, organic design, nestled against the rocky landscape.

Manicured lawns and vibrant flower beds frame the professional tennis court, offering an athlete’s paradise amidst the desert’s natural splendor.

Loungers sit by an edgeless pool that extends to the desert vista, providing a surreal swimming experience high above the valley.

As evening descends, the property transforms into a glowing oasis, with pools and outdoor spaces illuminated against the twilight desert canvas.

This hillside estate glows with lights against the desert landscape and mountainous horizon as dusk settles in.

The illuminated infinity pool sparkles under the night sky, flanked by modern architecture and vibrant red floral arrangements, creating an ambiance of opulent outdoor living.

Fire pits flicker on a secluded patio, where plush seating overlooks a tapestry of city lights stretching out beneath the sky.

A cozy outdoor seating area is set against the backdrop of city lights, with natural rock formations integrating seamlessly into the structure’s modern design.

Outdoor seating curves around a fire feature, creating an inviting space that harmonizes with the night’s natural calm.

Luxury vehicles bask under the elegant curves of a wooden ceiling in a garage that doubles as a showcase for automotive excellence.

Indoor pathways offer tranquility with their lush greenery and natural rock, leading guests through the home’s peaceful environment.

An aquarium tunnel transports you beneath the waves, where exotic fish glide past, creating a serene walkway to the main living spaces.

This spacious living room features elegant, plush seating arrangements, a strikingly modern fireplace, and a panoramic view of the city through the expansive open wall.

The dining area, illuminated by a linear fireplace, offers a spacious setting for gatherings, complemented by the city lights framed in the panoramic opening.

Plush armchairs and a chic daybed invite relaxation in this open-air bedroom, blending seamlessly with the vibrant outdoor living area.

A modern office with a curvilinear, glass desk and comfortable chairs offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding mountainous landscape through its floor-to-ceiling windows.

This modern kitchen, adorned with sleek wood cabinetry and premium stainless steel appliances, features a marble island with comfortable seating and a bouquet centerpiece, all under warm ambient lighting.

Plush blue chairs populate a bar area that looks out onto a vibrant aquatic backdrop, providing a pop of color against the neutral tones of the interior.

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