French Chateau inside a Lake in South Florida ($22M)

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Welcome to the Château Artisan, a modern homage to French architecture, nestled within the serenity of the Redlands in South Florida.

This mansion has eight bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, five powder rooms, and a sprawling 20,000 square feet of living space.  

As you approach this grand estate, you’re welcomed by a mesmerizing façade, reflecting in the tranquil waters that surround it, a testament to the magic and romance promised by its 13.74 acres of privacy.

The bird’s eye view reveals the château’s majestic stature, with its sprawling gardens and intricate maze, presenting a lush tapestry of greenery encircling the pristine freshwater lake.

Elegant balconies and symmetrical grandeur define the rear exterior, overlooking manicured grounds perfect for tranquility or entertainment.

Gazing out from the château, the beauty of the structured gardens unfolds, leading to a strikingly designed maze, offering an enchanting escape beneath the clear, star-filled sky.

From above, the Château Artisan is a spectacle of design and luxury, with its impressive courtyards and terraces extending into the lake, a perfect blend of architecture and nature’s canvas.

The property’s side view highlights the château’s harmonious blend with the surrounding waters, hinting at the hidden luxuries and adventures that await within its walls.

An aerial perspective captures the estate’s full glory, showcasing the expansive property, its grand design mirroring the grandeur of the skies above.

The entrance is a prelude to the magnificence within, a straight, inviting path flanked by water and greenery, leading to a home that is an irreplaceable masterpiece.

An opulent entrance hints at the luxury within, where ornate gates reveal a world for those who savor life’s finer aspects.

Step inside the Château Artisan

The living area is a cozy haven, with plush red seating that invites you to relax, surrounded by tall windows that frame the lake’s serene views, creating the perfect spot for intimate gatherings.

This grand salon exudes a stately charm, with its warm, earthy tones and opulent leather couches, complemented by a sweeping balcony above that hints at the château’s spacious luxury.

The heart of the home, this chef’s kitchen, is a blend of classic elegance and modern functionality, featuring rich wooden cabinetry and a dining space that makes every meal feel like a special occasion.

Dine in style in this formal dining room, where the bold black table serves as a centerpiece, surrounded by ornate lighting and décor that echoes the château’s enchanting character.

This unique office space, with its richly textured walls and circular window, offers a quiet retreat for contemplation or managing affairs, all while enveloped in the home’s distinctive ambiance.

Realtor Listing

Realtors: Carlos Justo of EXP Realty LLC

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