The Iconic Playboy Mansion in California Priced at $100M

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Perched within the prestigious “Platinum Triangle” of Los Angeles, the iconic Playboy Mansion stands as a testament to luxury and privacy sprawled across five acres in the tranquil Holmby Hills.

This nearly 20,000-square-foot haven is an emblem of sophistication, offering an array of 29 rooms designed for the most discerning tastes.

As you approach the Playboy Mansion, the stately stone façade and commanding fountain at the center of the circular driveway offer a majestic prelude to the home’s regal and exclusive ambiance.

The rear exterior of the property showcases the expansive, manicured lawns, perfect for grand events or tranquil relaxation.

With its detailed stonework and ivy-covered walls, the mansion’s back facade overlooks a serene pond, reflecting the clear blue skies above.

As twilight sets, the mansion’s exterior is bathed in a warm, inviting glow, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship of its stonework and leaded windows.

Venture to the side of the mansion, and you’ll find an immaculately kept tennis court, inviting residents and guests to enjoy a friendly match under the California sun.

Step into a hidden world of leisure within the mansion’s own zoological oasis, where a variety of exotic birds roam freely on the property.

This rare feature adds an element of wonder to the estate, truly distinguishing it as one of the few homes in Los Angeles with a zoo license.

This expansive lawn, with its inviting green space, is perfect for outdoor fun and entertainment in the privacy of the estate.

The mansion’s grotto offers a secluded, enchanting swimming experience, surrounded by natural stone formations and serene waters.

With its sweeping staircase and ornate wood carvings, the grand entrance hall leaves a lasting impression, hinting at the splendor that awaits throughout the mansion.

Relax by the grand fireplace in the living room, where luxurious leather sofas and elegant wood details create a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests.

The library exudes old-world charm with rich wood paneling and a stunningly detailed ceiling, perfect for a quiet afternoon with a book or a sophisticated home office.

Gather around the opulent dining room table set under an exquisite chandelier for memorable dinners in a setting that echoes timeless elegance.

The game house promises endless entertainment with its vintage arcade games and classic pool table, offering a playful escape within the comfort of home.

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