The Sun Valley Starship Home in Idaho: A Unique Home

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Welcome to the Sun Valley Starship Home, a 12,550 square-foot architectural marvel set on over 8 acres of Idaho’s pristine landscape.

This custom-built residence features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an array of unique features including a rooftop pool, a spacious heated garage, and a wagon wheel door, all surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

The lengthy driveway sets a dramatic tone, leading straight to the architectural marvel, bordered by spherical tree sculptures and fenced pastures.

SV Starship Home Idaho driveway

Approaching the home, the path leads you through a corridor of gabion walls, toward the striking wood and glass doors that promise a blend of warmth and modernity.

The home’s impressive facade blends industrial concrete and expansive glass, presenting a welcoming yet imposing entrance, complete with chic outdoor lounging areas.

This property’s serene freshwater pond mirrors the surrounding mountains and the home’s modern architecture, emphasizing the blend of natural beauty and design.

Nestled within towering concrete walls, this private sunken courtyard is a serene spot, featuring plush seating and lush greenery, ideal for relaxation.

From above, the home’s sprawling structure stands out against the rural backdrop, showcasing its unique roofline and integrated natural pond.

Soak in panoramic views of Idaho’s landscapes from the rooftop deck, outfitted with a hot tub and comfortable dining area, perfect for outdoor entertainment.

As dusk falls, the home’s silhouette is softly illuminated, showcasing its distinctive shape and the tranquil pond, offering a glimpse into the exclusive lifestyle within.

The home’s artistic wooden entrance gate, flanked by rock-filled gabion walls, hints at the unique architectural journey awaiting inside.

A spacious and well-lit garage with high ceilings houses the vehicles.

The expansive living area boasts a towering Christmas tree and is accentuated by the raw beauty of concrete and warm wooden tones.

A rustic yet stylish dining space with unique lighting and décor, inviting conversation, and fine dining amidst the industrial charm.

A stunning circular wooden bar stands as the heart of social gatherings, under a cozy wood-planked ceiling.

Strung with lights, the rustic staircase ascends between floors in this eclectic space, complemented by vintage furnishings and exposed wooden beams.

Overlooking the living space below, this area offers a grand view through a circular opening, perfect for hosting and leisure.

A charming and rustic wooden closet space offers a hint of the home’s character, complete with a saddle, enhancing the equestrian lifestyle of the property.

This bathroom combines functionality with design, showcasing exposed copper pipes and a simple yet chic aesthetic.

A splash of red adds vibrancy to this bedroom, where industrial elements meet modern comforts, highlighted by exposed piping and a rustic metal ceiling.

This cozy nook with plush leather seating and unique wooden wall accents is ideal for intimate gatherings or a quiet evening.

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