This Florida Home has a Giant Lazy River Running Underneath

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At the heart of the Florida Keys, the Key Haven project presents a unique aquatic sanctuary featuring a 75,000-gallon pool with a lazy river under the residence, complemented by an elevated spa and waterfall, setting a new standard for luxurious waterfront living.

The entire pool area was designed and constructed by Lucas Lagoons.

Nestled at the water’s edge, this Key Haven estate boasts a grand facade, with balconies offering panoramic views of the surrounding tranquil waters.

Looking down upon the heart of this Key Haven retreat, the lazy river is a shimmering ribbon weaving through the lush greenery, inviting relaxation.

The aerial view showcases the full splendor of the Key Haven residence, highlighting its sprawling layout and the serene lazy river that encircles it like a moat.

Overlooking the serene waters of Key Haven, this home features a stunning pool with a waterfall, underlit by blue lights, marrying modern luxury with the tranquility of the oceanfront.

A bird’s-eye view reveals the estate’s elegant design, with a winding lazy river pool that adds a touch of natural whimsy to the meticulously landscaped grounds.

An intimate angle reveals the Key Haven home’s pool area as a masterpiece of design, where the water cascades over natural coral structures, hinting at hidden depths below.

From this vantage point, the Key Haven estate’s pool appears as a jewel of aquamarine, set in a crown of meticulously arranged stone and vibrant landscaping.

The Key Haven home’s bird’s-eye view lays out a kingdom of luxury, where the playful path of the lazy river is flanked by the opulence of expertly crafted outdoor spaces.

Step into your private paradise where the crystalline pool merges with the sky, framed by a coral grotto that whispers tales of the sea.

Peek through the whimsical limestone archways, where every vantage point is a framed masterpiece of the Key Haven’s serene waters.

Lounge under the sun-drenched pavilion by the pool, where the horizon is an endless canvas of blue, and the gentle ocean breeze is your companion.

Elevate your leisure as you traverse the winding lazy river, a fluid embrace beneath the Key Haven’s majestic home.

Bask in the coastal elegance by the infinity pool that kisses the ocean’s edge, a harmonious blend of man-made luxury and nature’s allure.

Perched above, a gazebo offers a tranquil vantage point over the estate’s opulent pool and the windswept palms at the water’s edge.

Tropical greenery adorns the meandering lazy river that flows gracefully beneath this Key Haven estate, creating a lush, serene escape.

As dusk falls, the poolside grotto is a spectacle of nature and luxury, with waterfalls cascading into the illuminated turquoise waters.

The gazebo, poised elegantly by the curvaceous pool, offers a peaceful retreat amidst the whispering palms and manicured lawns.

Cascading waterfalls from natural stone grottos into the glowing pool create a tranquil atmosphere as the day fades into a dusky evening.

White Adirondack chairs invite relaxation on the sandy beachfront, offering a serene view of the clear blue waters and the private pier beyond.

Stroll down the private pier that extends into the serene waters, offering an idyllic spot for fishing or simply contemplating the horizon.

The poolside view at dusk captures the romantic essence of the estate, with tropical palms framing the vibrant sunset skies.

From an aerial night view, the property transforms into an island of lights, with the pool and landscaping glowing like a beacon of luxury.

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