Unbelievable Waterfront Mansion ($16.5M) in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Chateau des Reves

Perched on the edge of tranquility at 6500 Solitude Dr in Chattanooga, TN lies a majestic 23,000 square foot Chateau des Reves, the ‘House of Dreams,’ listed at $16,500,000.

This estate is a testament to luxury, privacy, and architectural wonder.

Featuring 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, this gated marvel is situated on a waterfront expanse that affords deep water frontage with vistas that take one’s breath away, complete with waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Nestled among mature trees, the aerial view showcases the grandeur of the Chateau des Reves, a sanctuary with multiple terraces that offer panoramic views of the serene lake.

The elegant lakeside terrace bathes in the golden glow of sunset, offering a serene spot for relaxation with its plush seating and expansive view over the tranquil waters.

An aerial view captures the grandeur of a lakeside estate at dusk, its lights aglow, with a circular driveway and a sprawling, tree-enclosed property that leads to a private dock.

The sun casts its glow on the facade of an elegant stone mansion, highlighting the circular cobblestone driveway, manicured topiaries, and garages that echo the home’s luxurious design.

As dusk falls, the majestic estate comes alive, with warm lights highlighting its classic architecture and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Gazing down from above, the estate’s full splendor is evident, with its sprawling gardens and waterfront location promising both privacy and elegance.

A tranquil pond graced with a whimsical sculpture and a gentle waterfall provides a picturesque spot for reflection amidst the manicured grounds.

The welcoming driveway is flanked by verdant trees, guiding visitors to the Chateau’s main entrance, where luxury and nature harmoniously meet.

Vibrant landscaping and mature trees embrace a tranquil pond with cascading waterfalls and a charming footbridge.

A stone-clad outdoor pavilion with classic columns and lush greenery offers a shady retreat in a tranquil garden setting.

Overlooking a serene lake, the outdoor terrace boasts sophisticated seating and a stone balustrade that guides you toward a meticulously groomed lawn and a private dock.

The estate’s grand entrance boasts a paved driveway that meanders through ornate wrought-iron gates, marked by pillars inscribed with “Chateau des Reves,” set amidst mature greenery.

A peaceful landscaped garden reveals a man-made cascading stream, complemented by vibrant potted plants and enclosed by an ornamental metal fence, with the sunset casting a warm glow through the trees.

An outdoor bar and kitchen area invite entertainment with bar stools and a curved countertop, set beside a pool and integrated seamlessly with the home’s stone architecture.

The foyer exudes vintage elegance, adorned with a chandelier, arched doorways, classic sculptures, and refined furniture, establishing a stately and welcoming atmosphere.

A formal living room offers luxurious comfort with plush seating centered around an ottoman, classical decor, and expansive windows framing the estate’s natural beauty.

Gather for memorable meals in the formal dining room, where the grand table awaits beneath a chandelier, surrounded by panoramic views of the outdoors.

The kitchen is spacious and warm, with wooden cabinetry, a large island with a granite countertop, and a sculpted ceiling that enhances the room’s homely feel.

Boasting a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, the lounge area features cozy sofas and numerous windows that flood the space with natural light, offering views of the lush outdoor environment.

Paneled in warm wood with a coffered ceiling above, this stately home office boasts a robust desk, leather chairs, and an adjoining area with a round table set against a backdrop of large windows offering verdant views.

The bedroom is a spacious retreat with a large bed, comfortable seating, and extensive windows that offer views of the estate’s grounds.

A bathroom showcases a double vanity with intricate detailing and archways that lead to a separate space, combining luxury with classic design elements.

Surrounded by drapery, the bathtub is set in a bay window, providing a serene spot to relax and enjoy the expansive views of the lake.

This walk-in closet is both functional and elegant, featuring built-in wardrobes, a center island for additional storage, and ample lighting.

The upper landing of the home basks in natural light, featuring an ornate domed ceiling and an elegant curved balustrade, with a classic pedestal table set by the window offering a view of the lush greenery outside.

Large arched windows, comfortable sofas, and tasteful decor characterize this space, making it a perfect space for relaxation or socializing.

The home’s grand staircase curls elegantly downward, centered beneath a dazzling chandelier, showcasing the architectural beauty of the space.

A home theater room is ready for entertainment, with plush seating, a large screen, and rich wood paneling, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The expansive great room features opulent coffered ceilings, leather armchairs, and a bar area, creating a space ideal for relaxation and social gatherings.

An ornate billiards table, surrounded by elegant wood-paneled walls and tall windows, forms a grand leisure space within the larger expanse of the great room.

The sunroom is enclosed by arched windows, bathing the space in natural light, and is furnished with comfortable seating, providing a scenic spot for leisure.

This well-equipped gym includes a variety of fitness equipment, offering a private space for exercise and wellness within the home.

A luxurious indoor pool room basks in natural light, offering serene water views through its expansive windows, complemented by ornate classical columns and intricate tile work.

The wine cellar is intricately designed with curved wooden shelving, offering an extensive collection of fine wines and spirits for the connoisseur.

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